HagerSmith Teams Up with The Green Chair Project

It all started when Sarah Troutman, Vice President of Interior Design and Principal at HagerSmith, happened to meet Jackie Craig a few days after Christmas this past year. She walked in to The Green Chair Project’s downtown Raleigh location to donate some items and ended up having a serendipitous conversation with Jackie, the Executive Director,…

Meet Indiana’s Finest

“One of the great things about HagerSmith is the freedom the office has given me to grow as an individual.” – Bryan Gibson   In his 14 years at HagerSmith, Bryan Gibson has learned to wear multiple hats while managing the architect group and his own projects as principal and vice president of the firm….

Meet the Queens of Interiors

“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.” – Author Unkown Truly understanding your clients’ needs for the space is a big priority for the interiors group at HagerSmith Design. “HagerSmith really excels at getting to know their clients and digging deeper to find out…