Meet the Renaissance Man

Now in his 11th year at HagerSmith, Nick Troutman has built his career as a jack of all trades. Whether he wears the hat of CAD Technician, project manager, and or graphic and rendering designer, Nick almost always is involved in each project before it goes out the door. In the day-to-day aspects of his…

Meet a Raleigh Original

“Do what you love so that it never feels like work” is an age-old quote that most of us are given when we’re trying to figure out our career path; if you’re lucky, you’ll find your passion and turn it into a career. If you’re luckier, you may find a place to cultivate it. Stephanie…

Meet Indiana’s Finest

“One of the great things about HagerSmith is the freedom the office has given me to grow as an individual.” – Bryan Gibson   In his 14 years at HagerSmith, Bryan Gibson has learned to wear multiple hats while managing the architect group and his own projects as principal and vice president of the firm….