In 2018, HagerSmith
Celebrated 40 Years!

HagerSmith Design is celebrating 40 years!

Our Story

Founded in 1978 in downtown Raleigh, HagerSmith Design has since become an award-winning, multi-disciplined architecture firm. The company’s first iteration came in the form of a one-man architecture firm, Michael Hager Architect, named after the firm’s founder. In late 1978, Jim Smith became the company’s first employee, and HagerSmith Design was born. From there, HagerSmith Design continued to evolve. Not only did the firm grow from 2 to 25 employees, but their work also saw growth with the development of office building spaces, parks, corporate and local municipal buildings, universities, commercial interiors, and more. Some of the company’s most prominent projects over the past four decades include the Pullen Park Carousel, Siemens Corporate Headquarters Building, the 4H Environmental Education Conference Center, the Wolves’ Den at Carter-Finley Stadium, and the Walnut Creek Amphitheater. Forty years later, HagerSmith Design continues to shine as a cornerstone in the development of the Triangle area. Their group of design professionals are client-oriented and strive to deliver work that is innovative and excellent. With a vast amount of experience on multiple project types, HagerSmith Design is committed to helping their clients develop the places where they live, work, and play.



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