Meet the Queens of Interiors

“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.” – Author Unkown

Truly understanding your clients’ needs for the space is a big priority for the interiors group at HagerSmith Design. “HagerSmith really excels at getting to know their clients and digging deeper to find out what the needs are for the company as a whole. Most companies have a lot of different departments with different needs and I think we do a great job at asking the right questions to figure out how the space will serve those needs, then successfully incorporating that.” says Leah Filomena.

Leah is a part of the interiors group at HagerSmith who works alongside her fellow interior designers Susan Price, Jillian Marvill and Meredith Campbell.

It’s clear that these women get along very well together, which makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying your job. Susan says she can’t remember the last day she dreaded going to work and a big part of that is because she loves who she works with.

One thing that drew Meredith to HagerSmith when interviewing was the transparency and openness. “I just felt immediately at ease and comfortable with these girls. It was like coming into a group of girlfriends I’ve had for a long time.”

Jillian agrees the atmosphere at HagerSmith certainly stood out during the interview process. “You get this vision of an architecture firm where everyone is kind of snobby, black turtle necks, glasses, like they know everything. At HagerSmith, when I walked in, everyone was kind of joking around, it was a very laid-back vibe, which I’ve come to appreciate.”

When you enjoy who you work with, it seems to aid in creating great work. “We work as a team,” Jillian says, “Everybody can offer a perspective that you may not get to by yourself.”

Integrated design is something HagerSmith excels at, mainly because they are so team oriented. Anytime there is a larger project that requires architects, interior designers, etc. the HagerSmith team sits down together and makes sure the project is cohesive and meets all requirements. “It isn’t segmented so one person is looking at one aspect and someone else is working on another. We truly try to make sure that all pieces work together to create the best product that makes the most sense for the client,” explains Leah. Jillian says they really shine when they all get to come together and create something truly spectacular.

Working at a multi-disciplinary firm adds value since people can work closely together on projects. Leah thinks a big reason why clients hire HagerSmith is because they see the value of having a small group of people who can really focus on their project. “We can really hone in on what they need and give them the attention they deserve,” says Leah. She goes on to say, “We don’t just provide a project that looks cool, but one that is very tailored to what our client needs and is looking for.”

When employees are treated well, so are clients, and that is evident in the way HagerSmith talks about their clients. “We don’t treat clients as a number, we treat them as a name,” says Susan. Leah adds that they are very passionate about their clients and the projects they take on and want to make sure everyone is equally taken care of. They are also fairly selective on the projects they work on, Meredith admits, “We don’t go after every job. We don’t want to take on anything and everything, just to be big. We take on things that matter to us and that we know we can do very well.”

For the next 40 years, these ladies hope to see that mindset continue, and having a rooftop garden at the office would be great too.