City of Raleigh moves closer to rezoning non-residential and high density residential properties throughout City

In May, 2014, the City of Raleigh announced that the final phase of the City’s conversion from the old Development Regulations to the new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) was underway.  This notification included a link to a City website (  On the website is an Interactive Viewer which shows existing and proposed zoning for Legacy zoning districts.

In this final phase of the UDO code transition, existing non-residential and high density residential properties will be converted to new zoning classifications, some with a three component zoning designation (use-height-frontage).  This conversion will seek to maintain existing property rights.  It will not necessarily reflect the City’s Comprehensive Plan or Urban Form map.

It is important that property owners and managers of affected properties be familiar with the proposed changes including the associated changes to use, dimensional, and improvement standards.  A HagerSmith Design professional has been actively involved with a private Technical Review Group that has been closely working with the City for over four years on the new UDO.  Contact us for guidance on assessing the new codes impact on your property.