HagerSmith Sponsors Wake County Design Blitz Event

On Wednesday, March 22nd, a handful of HagerSmith employees volunteered at Wake County Design Blitz hosted at Red Hat Annex. After having such a great time at last year’s event, the HagerSmith team decided to help sponsor again this year. Around 120 juniors and seniors from Wake County schools were invited to participate. Students are then paired with industry professionals to work through a design problem in a charrette. A charrette is a fast-paced, problem-solving activity. 


HagerSmith at Design Blitz Design Blitz HagerSmith at Design Blitz


This year’s theme was centered around wearable technology. The main focus of the event is to help guide students through the design process, (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve) from start to finish. Each industry professional was paired with 4 students to help mentor them throughout the project. Several of the designs included shoes that purified water, a t-shirt that detects health for hospital patients, and innovative eye glasses that help people with hearing issues. The winning design was a jacket designed for the homeless that would help them stay warm, monitor their medical information, and connect them to specific services.


“We love seeing the innovation and creativity that comes out of this young generation.  They’re going to be our colleagues in a decade’s time and it’s exciting to know that so much talent is waiting in the wings, ” said Sarah Troutman, one of HagerSmith’s participants.


For more information, visit:http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/education/article140152863.html