NC Legislative Building Re-roofing Project

HagerSmith Design was a consultant to Rooftop Systems Engineers, a Division of Raymond Engineering of Georgia, on a more than $4M project to replace the existing roofing systems on the 1960 NC Legislative Building. The extensive effort involved not only recreating the original ornamental copper pyramidal roofs, but also taking up all of the granite slab-paved rooftop terraces, reworking the insulation and waterproofing, and re-installing the paving. Also in the scope of work was a complete renewal of the four large skylight planters, the perimeter roof planters, and a series of 4 x 4 ornamental cast concrete planters. Finally, plaster repairs were made to the ornate House Chamber, Rotunda, and Auditorium ceilings and all were repainted.

Both David Black, project architect for HagerSmith, and Jimmy Thiem, landscape architect principal for HagerSmith, were involved in the re-roofing project. Black was the primary designer for the interior ceiling work. Thiem prepared planting and soil replacement plans for all of the newly-refurbished planters.

Watch the amazing project transformation below!