Historic Preservation

Rehabilitation and restoration of existing buildings, or historic preservation, have been a strong suit for HagerSmith Design since our inception. Over the years we have had the opportunity to breathe new life into countless buildings, including architectural and landscape work for the National Register of Historic Places and a number of National Historic Landmarks. These have included courthouses, rail stations, university buildings as well as mercantile and industrial buildings.

At the outset of working with an existing building, we pay particular attention to a thorough conditions assessment, using our skill and knowledge of historic construction methods to catalog areas needing attention and then develop effective and cost effective solutions.

We have an intimate understanding of the Secretary of Interior’s Standards, excellent working relationships with the State Historic Preservation Office and knowledge of the various codes which can be applied to existing buildings, including Chapter 34 of the Building Code, North Carolina’s Rehab Code, and the International Existing Buildings Code.

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