Mission Critical Facilities

HagerSmith has been designing mission critical facilities for over 20 years. We got our start working with Time Warner, the region’s largest cable and internet provider and grew our expertise as we offered data center architectural design, hubs, and co-location facilities throughout the Triangle. Today our projects include Time Warner’s multi-state regional data center, the data center for the area’s largest health care system, data centers for numerous high profile companies such as QUALCOMM, On Ramp, Stock Building Supply, Extreme Networks, and Duke. Common critical design features include envelope hardening, utility redundancy, cooling and power redundancy, an aggressive security infrastructure, and an expandable infrastructure backbone. Our experience designing tier III and tier IV data facilities have uptime ratings in excess of 99.8%.


Successful architectural design starts with understanding the client’s vision and goals. We listen. Then we translate what we hear into designs that work for the client on every level — functionally, aesthetically, and financially. We offer clients a full range of architectural services, from conceptualization through construction. Our office includes experts in sustainable design, code compliance, contract administration, building information modeling, and many other areas.

Services Include:

  • Programming
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Architectural As-Built Documentation
  • Architectural Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Administration
  • Building Code Compliance Analysis
  • American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance Analysis
  • Marketing Graphic –Models, Renderings
  • Renovation and Adaptive Re-use
  • Sustainable Design

Corporate Design

At HagerSmith Design we understand the ever-changing design of the modern corporate office. For over 30 years we have been creating work environments that engage employees, improve productivity, and promote a company’s brand identity. We understand that every company has its own unique workplace culture and we design efficient workspaces that help them meet their business goals. Whether it is a large national corporate company or a small business start-up, we have the experience and tools necessary to deliver an office space that inspires.

Historic Preservation

Rehabilitation and restoration of existing buildings, or historic preservation, have been a strong suit for HagerSmith Design since our inception. Over the years we have had the opportunity to breathe new life into countless buildings, including architectural and landscape work for the National Register of Historic Places and a number of National Historic Landmarks. These have included courthouses, rail stations, university buildings as well as mercantile and industrial buildings. At the outset of working with an existing building, we pay particular attention to a thorough conditions assessment, using our skill and knowledge of historic construction methods to catalog areas needing attention and then develop effective and cost effective solutions. We have an intimate understanding of the Secretary of Interior’s Standards, excellent working relationships with the State Historic Preservation Office and knowledge of the various codes which can be applied to existing buildings, including Chapter 34 of the Building Code, North Carolina’s Rehab Code, and the International Existing Buildings Code.


With over 30 years of experience in the industrial sector, HagerSmith Architects has amassed a diverse resume of project experience that covers printing operations, light and heavy manufacturing, food and beverage storage, packaging and distribution, pharmaceutical storage, cold storage, and automated storage and retrieval operations. Key to the success of these projects is efficient manufacturing, storage and handling of the client’s product and HagerSmith has honed an expertise in working with material handling systems, trucking and rail operations, temperature control systems, energy conservation strategies and cost effective building structures. Our industrial clients see HagerSmith as part of their facilities team as we craft more efficient and cost effective solutions to boost their operations and the bottom line.

Commercial Interior Design Raleigh NC

On average, Americans spend nearly 90% of their time indoors. The spaces where we work, live and play have tangible impacts on our abilities, performance and even our moods. Our interior designers recognize the need for thoughtful, intentional design of these spaces and have a proven history of delivering quality solutions for a variety of clients. From single-proprietor, hip and trendy downtown restaurant spaces to professional Class A office space for multi-national corporations, we tailor our designs to fit the needs and goals of each client. We take pride in our ability to contextualize a brand or vision into the built environment and look forward to individualizing a solution for your next project.

Services Include:

  • Space Needs Analysis
  • Programming
  • Space Planning
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Finish Materials Selection
  • Furniture Specification & Procurement
  • Custom Millwork Design
  • Construction Documents & Permitting
  • Architectural As-built Documentation
  • ADA Compliance Surveys
  • BOMA
  • Restaurant Design - Bar Design
  • Marketing Graphics and Renderings
  • Construction Administration
  • Consultant Management

Land Planning

Whether it is urban design and redevelopment, urban infill, parks planning, institutional, master planning, residential or commercial development, HagerSmith Design’s landscape architecture group brings an expertise to land planning that responds both to our clients’ needs and the broader context of the adjacent areas, in a responsible, meaningful way. Our multidiscipline design approach to land planning ensures that our projects reflect environmental stewardship through the sensible use of existing topography, infrastructure and the preservation of open space and vegetation which results in a more successful and sustainable project.

Landscape Architecture

HagerSmith Design’s Landscape Architects bring a level of design expertise to every project that promote a sense of place, community and well-being. Whether its site specific design or large scale land planning projects, we design each project so that they are sensitive to our natural resources, complement their surrounding uses and exceed our client’s goals. Our landscape architects are well versed in the complexities of land development and have a proven track record of navigating projects through the numerous regulatory processes in an efficient and timely manner.

Services Include:

  • Due Diligence
  • Site Selection/ Site Analysis
  • Programming
  • Land Planning/ Master Plans/ Subdivisions
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Site Design/ Site Plan Approvals/ Permitting
  • Rezoning
  • Zoning & Development Code Analysis
  • Stormwater Management
  • Grading/ Sedimentation and Erosion Control
  • Planting and Landscape Design
  • Site Renovations
  • ADA Compliance Studies
  • Illustrative Graphics and Renderings
  • Cost Estimates
  • Construction Administration

Medical / Healthcare

Stemming from our commercial developer projects and interior alterations, medical office and exam space has blossomed into one of our interior design department’s favorite types of projects. Our projects consist of small one doctor spaces to full building designs for multi-tenant medical facilities. Family doctors, specialized offices, dentist, small surgical centers, urgent care and orthopedist, each space or building gives us the opportunity to explore new products and efficiencies to make the patients experience the best that it can be. Medical practice design architecture requires a special knowledge of space requirements, all of which our medical architectural design team can provide.

Office Renovation

HagerSmith Design PA has been creating office spaces for over 35 years. Most spaces start from the ground up, but we also enjoy the challenge that older existing spaces bring. Currently, there is quite a surplus of existing office stock, and it is as important as ever to keep these buildings competitive and to do so in the most efficient way possible.

Parks & Recreation

From long range master planning to site specific design, HagerSmith Design has been involved with numerous parks projects throughout the southeast and more specifically throughout the state of North Carolina. We work closely with parks planners to develop a design process that involves public input to ensure the vision of the park and the needs of the community are seamlessly achieved. Our landscape architects team knows what it takes to make a park planners vision come true. The end result is a place that strengthens community and provides a place for play and recreation.

Public / Higher Education

HagerSmith Design has been designing, creating and renovating educational buildings and public spaces, including North Carolina’s university system, for over thirty years. These have included architectural design for municipalities, Town and City Halls, Parks and Recreation facilities, office buildings, classroom buildings and others. The success of these projects starts with our programming and stakeholder involvement process in which the needs and wants of the owner and users are distilled and refined. Other critical factors are design, sustainability, life-cycle design, and cost estimating.


HagerSmith Design, PA has worked successfully with a number of local churches and congregations to expand and renovate their existing facilities. Most of our church design and construction has involved programming studies, sanctuary expansions, seating studies, classroom additions, child care facilities, fellowship halls, commercial kitchens, historical preservation and outdoor recreation. Our success stems from our ability to work with large groups of stakeholders, listen to their needs, and help them prioritize, align needs with budget, and lead group discussions to arrive at realistic options.

Research & Technology

Fueled by three major universities, the Triangle area boasts one of the highest concentrations of research and technology companies in the country. HagerSmith has designed numerous research and technology facilities in the area. They range from labs researching ways to share power more efficiently over the grid, to wet labs studying blood borne pathogens, to software and hardware facilities developing cutting edge data transfer and storage. We partner with engineering consultant lab experts to provide state of the art design that supports your mission while respecting financial or physical constraints.

Restaurants & Retail

From large corporate cafeterias to local neighborhood coffee bars, HagerSmith has provided an array of clients with the expertise and design savvy needed to create the ideal dining environment. Each space is tailored to the unique requirements of the client. With an emphasis on efficiency and function, our kitchen layouts are thoroughly vetted by the chefs, equipment dealers and owners alike to provide the optimum work space. Infused with creativity, our “front of the house” designs reflect the distinctive menus and flavors served. From modern Japanese steakhouses to kid-friendly yogurt shops, we are excited to take on the next challenge!