Beyu Caffe

Durham, NC

Beyu Caffe is a semi-upscale, quick-casual coffee house with a full bar located in the historic Art Deco Snow Building in downtown Durham.  The interior design of the space exemplifies an adaptive reuse of a historic space to create a modern oasis. The integrity of the interior architecture was maintained by uncovering the original terrazzo flooring and exposed brick front. Local materials and manufacturers were used in the bar design, soft seating and lighting fixtures. The overall color scheme of teal, browns, gold and burgundy creates an inviting space that is indicative of colors found in the “Jazz Age” of Art Deco allowing the space to transform from coffee bistro by day to jazz lounge by night.

“Bolden said that picking the right team to work on the design was a critical element. Working with HagerSmith Design and Burke Design Group, both of Raleigh, Bolden’s team includes engineer Ben Burke, decorator Hylton-Daniel, LEED certified architect David Black and Barbara Bennett, a food service consultant.  Having Bennett on board helped a great deal, Bolden said, because she knew how to design the kitchen for maximum efficiency. ‘If you don’t have an efficient kitchen, you won’t be able to succeed,’ Bolden said.”

Chen, Monica. “Finding a home”

Project Scope

  • 3000 SF
  • Art Deco meets Urban Eclectic Design
  • Full service coffee/wine bar bistro and jazz lounge
  • Interior Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Signage Design