Capital Center

Raleigh, NC

HagerSmith Design’s landscape architecture team updated the exterior of an existing 165,000 SF office building in Raleigh by redesigning an underutilized amenity area and aging building entrance. The exterior plaza areas were separated by grade elevations and connected a grand exterior staircase. A dated and defunct fountain was removed from the lower plaza and replaced with an expansive green lawn, and the inclusion of a modern pavilion created a shaded spot for outside work. The upper plaza was reformatted to create an inviting entrance to the building with plenty of outdoor seating, new lighting, a drop-off area, and a parking area for food trucks. The result is a verdant, rejuvenizing multipurpose area that offers fresh-air meeting spaces for the building’s employees and nearby apartments.

Project Scope

  • Project Completed 2021
  • Services Provided: Landscape Architecture (Programming through CA
  • 23,000 SF