Capital Center

HagerSmith was challenged with rebranding an existing 165,000 SF office building in West Raleigh, NC. through the redesign and reimagining of an underutilized site amenity area and underwhelming building entrance. The exterior plaza areas were separated by grade elevations and through the addition of a grand exterior staircase, the lower and upper plazas are now connected. The existing lower plaza consisted of a large dated and defunct fountain. It has since been replaced by a large expansive green space that serves as an organizing tool for a number of different outdoor meeting spaces. This lower plaza now accommodates formal and informal outdoor meeting spaces with varying seating types. It is also equipped with a sheltered area and a number of amenities that can be used by all the tenants. The upper plaza that serves as the main entrance to the building is now an inviting entrance that has been redesigned to accommodate outdoor seating, new lighting, a drop-off area, and a parking area for food trucks. The project came online in the Spring of 2021.