Epic Games

Cary, NC

This 30,000 square foot building is the corporate headquarters of a video game design company. The design includes offices, a large employee break area, design studios, a sound room, and a motion capture studio.  The building form represents a sculptural quality that is reminiscent of the client’s computer game technology. Facility amenities include covered parking area, patio and balcony spaces, outdoor recreation area, and an indoor workroom.

“If one were to commission a very bright and unusually tasteful adolescent to design his ideal workplace, Epic’s headquarters would probably be the result. Its many blacks, grays, and corrugated-metal surfaces might best be labeled Bachelor Futurist…”
Bissell, Tom “The Grammar of Fun” The New Yorker November 3, 2008

Project Scope

  • 30,000 SF Office Building
  • Programming study
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture