Graffiti Yogurt

Durham, NC

A 42 inch custom graffiti drum pendant suspended in the air over a round toppings bar sets the stage in the entry into this interactive yogurt shop. The yogurt machines are incased in bright white subway tile with colorful graphics of graffiti art above, while a writeable mural wall across from the machines boast a subway train that invites patrons to tag the train with words that describe the sweet frozen yogurt offerings. Graffiti frames are hung over seating so patrons can create a work of art in or outside the frames. Custom booth seating is upholstered in graffiti proof fabric so parents don’t have to fret if their children get carried away and decide to write on the furniture too. A teen lounge/party room with glass barn doors offers video games, movie nights and more writeable walls of pink, yellow and blue inviting patrons to rave about this out-of-the box FroYo spot.

Project Scope

  • 2100 SF Self-Serve Yogurt Shop
  • Urban oasis in suburban shopping
  • Interactive, out-of-the box in design and experience
  • Interior Design
  • Kitchen Design