Horseshoe Farm Park Master Plan

Wake Forest, NC

Horseshoe Farm Park is a 146 acre oxbow sited on the north side of the Neuse River.  Surrounded on three sides by the river, Horseshoe Farm Park consists of primarily undeveloped pastures and woodland areas.  The park serves the Northeast Corridor where population growth is substantially increasing.

The master plan team consisted of the City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department, HagerSmith Design, PA and a citizen’s advisory group known as the Horseshoe Farm Park Master Plan Committee, made up of citizens of Raleigh and Wake County and chaired by two Parks Recreation and Greenways Advisory Board (PRGAB) members.  It was the master plan committee’s responsibility to develop the vision and program for the park and define the intent of the master plan.

In 1996 City Council adopted the Neuse River Regional Park Master Plan which included Horseshoe Farm as part of a Regional Park concept along the Neuse River corridor.  This master plan for an integrated series of parks envisioned different recreational elements being served at various locations according to the opportunity, site character and need.

The presence of a state-designated Significant Natural Heritage Area along the Neuse River flood plain is also a strong consideration in planning the park.  This area provides an excellent example of bottom land hardwood forest.  In addition, the cultural resources of the site, its proximity to the river and the abundance of natural resources make this a crown jewel of the City of Raleigh’s park system.

Project Scope

  • Completed: March 2009
  • Public facilitation
  • Programming
  • Master planning
  • Landscape Architecture