Raymond James

Raleigh, NC

In the Summer of 2017, Raymond James became one of the first tenants of 3515 Glenwood, a Class A office building in the heart of Raleigh. The financial advisory company that began in the 1960’s was looking for a contemporary office space that would relate to a new generation of employees and clients alike. HagerSmith developed an updated design that abandoned the traditional caged-in reception desk for an open and welcoming space. Light, bright colors were used throughout to enhance the natural light coming from windows on three sides of the building. Glass office fronts provide a sightline from the interior of the space out to the surrounding treetops.

While Raymond James wanted a spacious, light-filled office, it was important to balance the open feel with client privacy. HagerSmith added design details to protect confidentiality from a variety of angles. A band of window film was applied to the office fronts to shield personal information from people walking by. Special consideration was also given to the acoustics in-between offices so that conversations remained private. The result is a functional space with a fresh look for an institution whose goal is to help each client plan for their future.

Project Scope

    Interior Design