NCSU Slocum Forestry Camp

Rougemont, NC

George K Slocum Forestry Camp, located in Rougemont, NC, is home to the summer camp program of the Forest Management and Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences Curricula at North Carolina State University.  This full-time residential program of summer courses lasts 9 weeks for forestry students and 6 weeks for fisheries/wildlife students.  Students live, learn, and work in an off-campus forest environment.

The camp had only one classroom building, and a dining hall constructed out of a surplus barracks building from WWII.  HagerSmith Design adapted a classroom designed for NCSU’s Eastern 4-H Environmental Education & Conference Center for use by the camp.  The existing dining hall was determined to be structurally and functionally inadequate, was demolished and a new dining hall was constructed on the same site.

Project Scope

  • 2000 SF Classroom Building
  • 2100 SF Dining Hall Facility
  • Completed 2012
  • Client- North Carolina State University
  • Architecture