The Green Chair Project

Raleigh, NC

The Green Chair Project is a 501(c)(3) that provides home furnishings donated from the community to families and individuals who have transitioned from experiencing homelessness or disasters and have secured sustainable housing. As part of the firm’s 40th anniversary celebration, HagerSmith teamed up with Green Chair to assist in a full interior and exterior renovation of their facility. Involved through all the design phases to ensure the smooth completion of the renovations, all of HagerSmith’s services were donated with the hopes of finding other partners willing to discount or donate materials and services to maximize the money Green Chair has raised through grants and the community.

“There is no greater honor than to use our gifts and talents to invest in a place like Green Chair, a place that truly loves and serves our neighbors with dignity,” says Sarah Troutman, Vice President of Interiors.

The Green Chair Project has helped almost 2000 families furnish their homes and start new beginnings since they opened in 2010. To read more about what The Green Chair Project does visit

Project Scope

    30,000 SF, Three Phases Services Provided: Full Interior and Exterior Renovation Interior Design Architecture Landscape Architecture