Veeva Systems

Raleigh, NC

A new arrival to the Raleigh area, Veeva Systems was looking for an optimized working space to support their cloud solutions programming and to better accommodate diverse employee work styles. Veeva’s office occupies the top floor suite of Glenlake One, which offers a layout that can be rearranged to fit Veeva’s future needs. Communal office and private meeting spaces are situated in the center of the suite with open workstations and collaboration spots adjacent. Veeva’s desire for a bright space with an open ceiling was complimented by modern black glass wall systems that incorporated their branding and a family-style kitchen and eating area that can accommodate office parties and get-togethers.

Project Scope

  • Date Completed: December 2022
  • Services Provided: Interior Design (Programming through CA)
  • Square Footage: 5,970